March 2020 Journal

Mountain bike rides:  Forest Park: Holman-FL 1, Old School Dallas: Tree Fort-Twists & Skids- Beehive-Gonzo-Horse Puckey, Scappoose: Strasser DH-Friday the 13th DH-??? w/ Chris & Eric, Scappoose solo: Same as Sunday, but couldn’t find Strasser climb and DH, MOTR: Rat Pack-Breakdown-Freewheel, MOTR: Rat Pack-Sasquatch-Rat Pack-Breakdown-Freewheel, Whiskey Run: Gnome Wrecker-Tumbler-Loam Wrecker-Bam Ba Lam-Wing N A Prayer-New Bones, North Umqua: Bob’s Butte out & back, Whipple Creek.

Books read: ‘The Magic of Awareness’ by Anam Thubten; ‘Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence’ by Gary Mack, David Casstevens.

Movies:  ‘Shadow,’ ‘What About Bob?.’

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Jiu-Jitsu:  3/1 Cross-Sides Top workshop w/ Dialz, 3/10 Cross-Sides Top workshop w/Uncle Ben.

Miscellaneous: Cooper Creek hike w/Sarah & Jake, North Umqua hike w/Sarah & Win, Visiting Parents in Gold Hill, Visiting Sarah & Win @ Safari, Safari float w/Sarah, Win, Jacqueline & Ashley, St. Patrick’s Day Dinner w/Win, Sarah, & Jake, Hero’s Haven shopping in Roseburg, Helping Jan hang-up mirrors & decor, Last Night drunken magic @ Moreland before Covid-19 shutdown, Played with Kicker ramp for the first time, Saw Sarah’s Dacshund puppies.


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February 2020 Journal

Mountain biking:  No riding due to tweaked back.

Books: ‘Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life: 10th Anniversary Edition’ by Michael Neill.

Movies/TV: ‘Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks,’ ‘Hip-Hop Evolution: Season 3,’ Hip-Hop Evolution: Season 4,’ ‘Vision Quest.’

Jiu-Jitsu: 2/16 Cross-Side Top workshop w/ Dialz, 2/18 Cross-Side Top workshop w/ Uncle Ben.

Miscellaneous: Back tweaked from manual practice (down 2/2-3/2), 1/2 of Super Bowl @ Helen’s, Happy Hour w/ Nate @ Moreland, Spring is Coming dinner @ Peggy’s, Started daily stretching/foam rolling/joint mobility for pre-hab, New Santa Cruz Chameleon bike purchase.

January 2020 Journal


Mountain bike rides: Forest Park: Leif-Saltzman-FL 5, Magic Carpet-Huck Finn Top-Lower Magic.

Books finished: ‘Holiday Greetings from Sugar and Booze,’ by And Gasteyer, Mona Mansour; ‘Snow, Glass, Apples,’ by Neil Gaiman, Colleen Doran; ‘Right Now: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment’ by Steve Chandler.

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BJJ Training:  Sparring 1/4 w/Dialz 1.5, Legs 3x, Lukesh 3x, 1/5 Workshop with Dialz: Z-Guard Passing, Cross-sides top, 1/12 Sparring w/Gorgie, Craven, Yee 3x, Larson, Jeremy, 1/19 Cross-sides Top workshop w/Dialz, 1/21 Cross-sides Top workshop w/ Uncle Ben, 1/23 Cross-sides Top workshop w/Dialz, 1/24 Sparring w/ Legs, Payson 2x, Big Daniel, Maddy, Lukesh, Ryan, Four-Eyes 2x, L’arceson, 1/26 Cross-Sides Top workshop with Dialz.

Movies/TV:  ‘The Mandalorian,’ Season 1, ‘Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop!,’ ‘Under the Skin,’ ‘Bad Boys for Life,’ ‘The Gentlemen,’

Podcasts: ‘THE WAY BOBBY HEARS IT 001:  Rob Roskopp – Halfpipes to Dirt:, ScoopDuck in Hi-Fi Podcasts: JAN 8, 2020, JAN 15, 2020, JAN 23, 2020, JAN 29, 2020:

Miscellaneous: Lake Oswego Grill with Tonie, Sick with Cold 1/6-1/10, Ducks beat Wisconsin in Rose Bowl @ Moreland Ale House, McGregor vs. Cowboy @ Nate’s, Pickled @ Yur’s with Dialz, D-Squared’s Retirement Party.

December 2019 Journal

Bike rides:  Eichler (too wet), Forest Park: Holman-FL 1-Saltzman-FL 5-WW-FL 3, Forest Park: FL 1-FL2, MOTR: Sasquatch, NUT Swiftwater Out & Back to Bob’s Butte, North Shore Out & Back to Ivan Oaks.

Books/Short Stories read: ‘Mudder Tongue’ by Brian Evenson.

Jiu-Jitsu sessions: 12/2 Sparring w/ Stewart x2, Legs x2, Michelle, Four-Eyes, Peyson, Roth, 12/7 Sparring with Nate, 12/8 workshop with Dialz, 12/13 rolls with Big Daniel, Ryan, AJ, Stewart, Kelly, more???, 12/15 Cross-sides top killing near-side arm, and cross-side escape workshop with Dialz, 12/16 Sparring w/Stewart, Kelly, Chris, David, Michelle, Four-Eyes, Manos, 12/20 Sparring w/Eric (30 min.), David, Four-Eyes 12/31 Stewart NYE Rolls with Mike 2x?, Stewart 2x, David 2x, Stewart’s Friend, White Belt can’t remember name.

Movies: ‘Knives Out,’ ‘Green Book,’ ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ ‘Wine Country.’

Miscellaneous: Italiano Christmas Party, Ducks beat Utah for Pac-12 Championship, Mazik’s 1st B-day, Nemesis Christmas Party, Tina’s Christmas Party w/Spanish Coffee Co-piloting, Christmas with Mom & Ron (Green Book), Ethan’s Birthday Party, Christmas with Wassom’s, Rack-O and Monopoly w/ Caty & El, Umqua Valley Festival of Lights, Dinner @ True Kitchen + Bar, Annual night out with Schaaf & Anderson (10 pitchers of Coors Light), Perusing Newly Combined Smith Family Bookstore (Mephisto Waltz Purchase, Staying @ Jean & Roger’s Sun-Tues w/ Jean’s home cooking.


November 2019 Journal

Bike Rides: Forest Park: Up Holman-Down FL 1-Up first 1/3 of 2 and down, Up FL 1 (two steep climbs not cleaned-Down FL 2-Up Saltzman-Down FL 5, Shellburg: Branubian-Bullit-Bobblehead-Lost Creek-Shellburg Creek-August Mountain, Powell Butte 2 Loops (17 mi.), Sandy Ridge w/ Lars & Thor: Rock Drop-Quid Pro Flow-Three Thirty Eight-Two Turntables-Flow Motion-Lower Hide & Seek-Laura’s Line, Whiskey Run: Hollerback-Bootlegger-Upper & Lower Captain Blacklock-Sir Lance-A-Lot-Snag Loop-Dirty Dishes.

Books:  ‘Salem’s Lot’ by Stephen King.

Movies:  ‘Duel,’ ‘Doctor Sleep,’ ‘Ford vs. Ferrari,’ ‘Professor and the Madman,’ ‘The Irishman,’ ‘Christmas Vacation,’ ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor,’ ‘Return to Earth,’ Life Cycles.’

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BJJ: 11/4 Sparring & class, 10/5 Passing & Cross-Sides workshop with Uncle Ben, 11/10 Takedown workshop with Dialz, Sparring, 11/12 Cross-Sides & Passing workshop with Uncle Ben, 11/17 Takedown wristlock workshop with Dialz, 11/18 Rolls with David 2x, Stewart, Michelle, Four-Eyes, Legs, Maddy, 11/10 Passing and Cross-Side workshop with Uncle Ben, 11/21 Eric’s No-gi class.

Mystery Arts: Think of Two.

Miscallaneous: Verboort Sausage Fest, Ducks vs. USC at Grand Lodge with Lyons & Gary, Ducks. vs. Arizona @ Bobbie’s, Ducks vs. Arizona St. @ Freeriders, New bike for Thor, Ducks vs. Beavers, Turkey Day @ Win’s, 5 Second Rule @ Win’s,  Lunch @ Lighthouse Center Cafe, Spin and Treadmill workout @ Pacific Fitness in Winston, Meeting Rose.

October 2019 Journal

Mountain Bike Rides: Stubb from Buxton: Drip Torch-Beginner DH-Greenhorn, Silver Creek Falls: 214-Buck Mtn-Full Catamount, Eichler Park (long junior table), was off the bike quite a bit trying to re-correct my hips from being turned to the right, and dialing my hip-hinge/triangle of awesome.

Books read:  ‘Encounters with an Enlightened Man:  The Early Years with Sydney Banks’ by Linda Quiring.

Jiu-Jitsu Training: 10/1 Cross-Sides top workshop w/Uncle Ben, 10/8 Cross-Sides top workshop w/Uncle Ben, 10/20 Takedown training with Dialz,

Jiu-Jitsu Research: Henry Akins Guard Passing Seminar @ SBG Niagra, Henry Akins White-Blue Takedowns.

Movies/TV:  ‘Ad Astra,’ ‘Joker,’ ‘Salem’s Lot.’

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Miscellaneous: Ducks vs. Cal, Ducks vs. Colorado, Nacho Week @ Moreland w/Nate, Ducks vs. Huskies, Breakfast at Terry’s with Rog, Ducks vs. WSU @ Helen’s.

Mystery Arts: Jinxed 2.

September 2019 Journal

Mountain bike rides: Mt. Ashland: Time Warp-Catwalk-Toothpick-Caterpillar-Lizard-Jabberwocky, Forest Park: Up FL 1-Down 2-Up 3-Down 5-Down Lower 1, Magic Carpet: Magic Carpet Full-Gnomer-Huck Finn, Forest Park: Up Holman-Down FL 1 (bladder burst), Alsea Enduro Loop, Forest Park: Leif Erickson Out n’ Back-Up Springville-Down FL 7, Greer Bike Park, Eichler Park.

Books Read: ‘The Last Season’ by Eric Blehm; ‘The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All’ by Laird Barron.

Movies/TV: ‘The Boys’ Season #1, ‘It Chapter Two.’

Jiu-Jitsu Rersearch: Armlock Defense & Offense, Henry Akins Weight Distribution from Cross-Side Top @ SBG PDX, Cross-Side Escapes, Matt Serra/Renzo Gracie Q & A, Turtle Bottom, Roger Gracie NY Seminar, Henry Akins Scarf Hold @ Balance Studios, Henry Akins Cross-Side Attack System @ Gracie Kentucky, Guard Passing @ SBG Niagra.

JJ Training: 9/12 (Roth, Carlos, Michelle, Manos, Payson), 9/15 (Yee x2, Bobby, Michelle, Craven, Larsen x2), 9/17 Cross-sides workshop w/ with Uncle Ben, 9/24 Cross-Sides workshop w/ Uncle Ben.

Miscellaneous: Italiano 47th birthday party, Labor Day visit to Parents, Ducks vs. Nevada, Ducks vs. Montana, Duck vs. Stanford, Phoebe Birthday Party, Nemesis Payson & Chris promotions, Stanford vs. Beavs, Washington vs. USC.

August 2019 Journal

Mountain bike rides:  Short Storey Burn-Gales Creek loop, Forest Park: Up FL1-Down FL 2-Up FL 3-Down FL 3, M.O.T.R.: Two laps with Lars, everything but Darkside and Armbar, Mt Ashland: Off Shoot-Bull Gap-Upper & Lower Lynx-Toothpick-Catwalk-Caterpillar-Lizard-Jabberwocky, Mary’s Peak: East Ridge-Tie Trail-Up North Ridge-Down North Ridge & North Ridge Extension, Magic: Loamer-Gnomer-Lower & Upper Huck Finn, Forest Park: Up 1-Down 2-Up 3-Down 5, Shellburg: Branubien-Bullit 2x (did both bullit drops, missed turn for full August Mtn. Descent), Magic Carpet: Top of Magic-Gnomer-Pucker Up, Stub from Buxton: Greenhorn x 1-Shoofly-One Way Delight, Brown Mtn. Loop.

Books read: ‘Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race’ by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert; ‘By Bizzare Hands’ by Joe R. Lansdale.

Movies/TV: ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.’

Podcasts:  ‘ScoopDuck in HiFi’ Episodes 8.7.19, 8.14.19, 8.21.19, 8.27.19.

Jiu-Jitsu:  Armlock escapes & control.

Miscellaneous:  Pine Meadows Camping, Portland Burger Week 2019: Moreland Ale House (Brie and Caramelized Onion Burger), Yur’s (The Big Ugly), Tilt (Daybreak Espress), Dad’s for Birthday w/ Bella Union Dinner on me, Rogue River Float, Birthday Lunch w/Mom & Ron, Rogue Ales Farm, Dwight B-day dinner on Deck, Lake Oswego Grill Happy Hour w/Dwight and Peggy, Gold Hill for Labor Day Weekend.

July 2019 Journal

Mountain Bike Rides:  Mt. Ashland: Time Warp-Marty’s-Caterpillar-Lizard-Alice In Wonderland-BTI,  M.O.T.R.: Rat Pack-Sasquatch-Connector-Pay Dirt, Mt. Ashland: Time Warp-Menace-No Candies-Moai-Janky, Bend: Swampy-South Fork-North Fork-Mrazek, Storm King-Funner out & back, FP: Up 1-Down 2-Up 3-Down 5-Down Lower 1, Post Canyon: 7 Streams-Cardiac-Family Man-8 Track-Mixed Tape-El Dorado-Larch Mtn. Rd.-Dirt Surfer–The Outback-140-Bad Motor Scooter-Upper Grand Prix-Lower Grand Prix-Spaghetti Factory-Trail 130-Mitchell Ridge, Stub Stewart: Greehorn Full 2x-Lower Greehorn 3x, Goodman Creek Loop, Eula Ridge Loop, Timberline to Town, Alsea Falls w/Misery Whip & new Tims section, Stub Stewart Buxton: Beginner DH 2x-Greenhorn Full 2x, Sandy Ridge: Communication Breakdown-Quid Pro Flow-Two Turntables-Hide and Seek.

Books read: ‘Zombie Cage Fighter’ by Nate Quarry, Blair Butler; ‘The Troop’ by Nick Cutter; ‘Screwball’ by Simon Rich; ‘Living with the Monks’ by Jesse Itzler.

Jiu-Jitsu: Henry Akins Ultimate Choke Escapes Course.

Movies/TV: ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ ‘The Dead Don’t Die,’ ‘Ride to the Hills’ (early Vanderham & Wade Simmons), ‘Midsommar,’ ‘Stranger Things: Season #3,’

Image result for midsommar

Mystery Arts: Leval ESP Routine, FP Opus, PT Psy Card Forces, Think Stop by LJ,

Podcasts: TPM Episode 130: Thomas Vanderham, Pro Mountain Biker:

Kendall VS Kendall Ep. 15 “feat. Joe Murray

‘ScoopDuck in HiFi:’ Episodes #36-37.

Miscellaneous: Oregon SNL, Class of ’94 25th Reunion, Kotter Concert, Waldport beach stroll.



June 2019 Journal

Mountain Bike Rides:  Stub Stewart from Parking Lot: Beginner DH 2x-Greenhorn Full 3x, Eichler Park, Forest Park: Up FL 1-Down FL 2-Down Lower FL 1, Eichler Park, Magic Carpet w/Huck Finn, Stub Stewart from Parking Lot: Beginner DH 3x-Greenhorn Full 3x, Holman-FL 1 Super D, Swiftwater NUT 4 mile out & back (downed trees), Gales Creek out & back to Bell Camp Rd., Eichler 6/21 morning session, Stub Stewart from Buxton: Unfit Settlement-Beginner DH 1x-Greenhorn 2x-Shoofly-Crazy Train, Storey Burn-University Falls-Gales Creek figure 8, M.O.T.R.: Rat Pack-Darkside-Armbar-Freewheel, Mt. Ashland: Off Shoot-Bull Gap-Lynx-Catwalk-Toothpick-Caterpillar-Lizard-Jabberwocky.

Books read:  ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ by David Goggins; ‘Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History’ by  Kurt Andersen.

Movies:  ‘This Is Spinal Tap,’ ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix,’ ‘The Vanishing’ (2019), ‘Follow Me (Anthill Films),’ ‘From the Inside Out (Anthill Films),’ ‘Won’t Back Down: The Steve Peat Story,’ ‘Unreal (Anthill Films),’ ‘Return to Earth (Anthill Films).’

Jiu-Jitsu: Bridging.

Podcasts:  ‘ScoopDuck in Hi-Fi’ Episodes #34-35.