New Jiu-Jitsu Principle: Integrity

First off, ‘new principle’ is written tongue in cheek. Principles are metaphors for structural scenarios that arise during training. They are a way of thinking about things, not hard and fast rules. Even Newtonian Physics begin to break down at a certain point so don’t forsake what’s present for descriptors.

Disclaimer out of the way, I’m calling this new principle ‘Integrity.’

Integrity states that the further you can manage/control an appendage away from the core, the more leverage you have.

Extreme applications of this principle are pulling some one by the hair and/or grabbing their fingers and toes. For BJJ purposes it would be pushing/pulling the top of the head, or holding the meat of the hand near the base of the fingers, or arch of foot near the toes.

Previous Post on 9 coare BJJ Principles from old blog (slightly edited 1/25/14):


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