Principles: Utility

‘Utility’ as described in this post is the idea of taking what your opponent gives you.

The opposite approach is a ‘game’ you try to impose on your opponent from the outside in with a specific end in mind.

For even a very solid practitioner there is probably always a degree of both utilization and gaming present in a roll, however, the practice of taking what your opponent gives you is the Jiu-Jitsu oriented, energy-efficient approach.

For this reason, I don’t like the idea of building a system or rigid curriculum as by nature they undermine fundamental Jiu-Jitsu philosophy. Call it good marketing, crap educating.

Application-wise, seek to understand the momentum of a move. Said another way, in what way does the position utilize an opponents action? In general, great sweeps involve taking your opponent in the direction they were already moving, and great submissions a result of confirming positions of inferior posture.


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