Principles: Maximization

The maximization principle is the idea of structuring mechanics in a given scenario to maximize our leverage while mimimizing our training partners.

A thought here is, if a position is effectively maximized it should take a training partner at least one adjustment before they have leverage to mount effective counter-offense.


Study: Mechanics Vs. Knowledge

Watching most of Eddie and Royler this morning, an important distinction for BJJers to make is understanding the difference between knowledge and mechanical advantages.

Something we often take for granted is, if some one has a lot of knowledge in a structurally disadvantageous position, they can make it work advantageously. This to me is the core principle of the Guard, and Jiu-Jitsu as a whole.

On this note, something I missed for the longest time is seeing structural disadvantages for what they were. I’d set out to learn half-guard for example, without acknowledging its built-in limitations.

So, the key here is trying to understand the whole both before and while you specialize, as the learning process is ongoing. This way you’re learning how to maximize structural advantages as well create opportunities through knowledge from disadvantageous positions.

Guard Passing: Isolating Weakest Links

Many guard passes are difficult because they are designed around controlling hip movement via trapping, pinning, and/or lifting against the powerful piston action of the quadricep and hamstring.

Comparatively, the weaker links are the hip abductor and flexor muscles that move the leg at the hip girdle.

To feel these muscles, balance on one leg and lock the suspended leg at the knee. From here, move it around the ball and socket joint of the hip. As you’ll likely feel, these muscles are extremely functional for their respective purpose, but not nearly as strong at the hamstrings and quadriceps when it comes to moving and supporting mass.

Design passes (and a guard game!) accordingly. ;o)

Training: Frequency

Posting BJJ ideas everyday has become a way of life.

If the every day thing is a bit daunting, keep in mind I just want to further understanding a tiny fraction. Progress wise, it’s about overall frequency not isloated leaps.

Thinking about this while typing, it’s really about taking the time to nurture something I find infinitely fascinating, challenging, and fun everyday. Call it spiritual investment.

Design: Congruity

Congruity is the art of leveraging principles to make positions and corresponding strategies as similar as possible for the sake of simplicity.

For example, closed guard is essentially mount in reverse, and I should be able to use guard passing principles to improve open guard. How are the principles similar, and how can I use this to my advantage?

Mindsets: Growth

Still having some ideas about the shrimp escape from mount examined below. Physically writing/typing out all those questions isn’t something I necessarily do, but it really gave the brain a kickstart.

As such, the idea today is we influence Jiu-Jitsu growth to the degree we intentionally focus on specific areas. How such examination takes place is going to be individual.