Mindsets: No Secrets

In order to move forward as person I’ve had to find alternative ways to improve my Jiu-Jitsu the past several years. So, being relatively isolated, I understand the desire to guard something you’ve made sacrifices around.

Still, what’s easy to forget is it’s not the precious details and insights, but the work and sacrifice that produces details and insights. With that idea in mind, all resting on the laurels of a ‘secret’ does is give me an excuse to be lazy.

The lesson here is giving freely in the comfort of knowing you’re constantly searching for old/new ways to work smarter and harder.

On a side note, the above philosophy is what ‘community’ in BJJ is about. A closed circle of people slapping each other on the back because they ‘do’ BJJ isn’t inspiring, it’s creepy. Demand more of yourself.


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