Mindsets: Getting Smarter

Jiu-Jitsu smarts require a willingness to explore structure and design at the level of principle. Likewise, copying what we see or echoing another’s words yields surface understanding.  

To illustrate, are we ever going to fully understand the elbow escape from mount?:

What muscle groups are involved? When the ideal time for it, when is the worst time and why? What is its relationship to the trap and roll escape and how do they work together? Where does it fit in with other mount escapes? Structurally, what has to be there both ideally and minimally for it to work? What purpose was it designed to meet, and how did it evolve? What variations are out there and how and why did they evolve? Are they attribute dependent? Is there a way I can minimize possible attribute dependency through timing and structure? What am I missing? 

Rinse and repeat! 😉


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