Psychology: Changing The Process

When people say they want a million dollars, a black belt, or whatever, what’s often unsaid is they want those things AND life the way it is now.

In the real world, getting something substantially different from what our current situation produces usually means facilitating an alternative set of behaviors, actions, and quite possibly our way of being in the world day to day.

So, in short, when we want something different, what we’re actually wanting is the process that goes along with it. Yeah everyone wants to look great, but who wants to work out when it’s sh*t weather outside or you don’t feel 100%? It’s okay to be lazy, just be honest about it, as maybe you DO actually need a day off.

And, in my experience, 2 steps forward requires 1 and 1/2 steps back first, because what looks like a straight line inevitabely turns out to be a squiggle.


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