Design: Dynamics & Posture

Positions should be as dynamic as they are strong.

A problem I have with some of the traditional BJJ is the approaches favored controlling and smothering hips which in effect:

A) Put you directly over your opponents center of power.

B) Allows for little if any mobility as you’re committed to filling space.

Don’t get me wrong, there IS a time and place for these passes while in transition directly after takedowns, but they aren’t postures in my opinion because they aren’t safe nor mobile.


2 thoughts on “Design: Dynamics & Posture

  1. It seemed like you were talking about dominant positions, so I was a little surprised when I reached the “passes” part of your post. Care to elaborate a little on what you mean?

  2. Bro you’re asking a general question about a general post!

    There is structural dominance in passing too, it’s just a matter of freeze framing moments in time and studying the structure of the scenario.

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