Study: The Most Common Mistake

The most common mistake in BJJ IMO is people don’t listen:

‘I can give you information that took my six months to figure out in six days, but your actions tells me you’d rather figure this out on your own.’

This is a frustrating one, but I’m learning to let it go and leave people to their own process.

With the amount of information out there right now, reasonably intelligent people can achieve a degree BJJ competency through self-teaching, it just takes longer.

The lesson for me is when in doubt, focus on myself so I have MORE to offer the rare and beautiful who do listen.


4 thoughts on “Study: The Most Common Mistake

  1. Thanks Ray, thought this was a bit of rant really, but glad you enjoyed it. How are things?

    Been consolidating some pretty awesome things from closed guard the past week to break people down and prevent standing. I’ll post some of the stuff today maybe?

    1. Cool, feel free to comment or email if you have any in-depth questions.

      Life is good everyday provided I’m not viewing the world through a$$hole glasses. They seem to be off at the moment which is always a good thing. *ha, ha*

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