Training: The Art of Constructive Building

Back when I was a blue or purple belt a black belt offered free training tips in exchange for email addresses.

As I remember, the central idea of these free tips was cataloging mistakes you make in sparring, figuring out a good solution, and drilling to fix the problem.

What I missed in those days was, why the above sounds logical on the surface if you aren’t grounded in a solid approach, it leads to fixing the wrong things!

Also, it leaves you at the whim of sparring sessions which depending on match-ups can lead to addressing low-percentage scenarios and/or the preferred game of a respective school.

Don’t get me wrong, you can get great information from sparring, but my overall goal is a fundamentally sound game built on mechanics and principles that work EVERY time.

So, in some respects I don’t care what people do in sparring because my objective is much further reaching.

In summary, sparring as I see it is one tool out of toolbox, and the goal is to build something. It isn’t about what tool I’m using for the job so much as getting the job done in a reasonable amount of time in a way I’m moderately pleased with.


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