Guard: Leg Domination From Closed Guard

Dominating waist with leg body lock:

Putting weight on opponents thigh with our hamstrings to prevent first knee from coming up:

Biting and weighting the second leg to breakdown:

Breaking posture with hamstring pull (doesn’t work when opponents makes their spine short by curling tailbone forward):

If opponent roots themselves by curling tailbone/spine forward, squeeze with knees and pull yourself to them (don’t know of any instructional footage, but here is some old school footage of the Machado brothers using this movement as a conditioning tool on a standing partner @ 1:04-1:16):

For sake of completeness here is Chris Haueter breaking down discussed spinal curl from closed guard top:


One thought on “Guard: Leg Domination From Closed Guard

  1. Ray Price

    I remember when Eric first showed both the guard holding and guard posturing at the a camp. I still am refining it.

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