Guard: New School/Old School Open Guard Approach

My approach to open guard is old school in that I’m looking to close the guard for increased control and submit if it presents itself.

Sweeps are the third thing down in the chain, but my thought about that after playing butterfly guard for the better part of a decade is, if given the space, why wouldn’t just stand-up and wrestle?

Don’t get me wrong, you have to know SOME butterfly to play modern BJJ, but being ‘comfortable’ there is a poor fundamental mechanic in my opinion.

Also, I want head control. I really like Kron Gracie’s attempt to control the head whenever it’s available in the following clip:

Additionally, notice the foot pummeling similar to his father’s in no-hands post below.

Last but not least, observe Kron’s patience with his guard. My guess is he either submits people quickly do to their lack of mechanics or wears them down over time getting submissions from combinations of carelessness, sloppiness, and/or fatigue.


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