Mindsets: Objectivity Killers

From a time angle, it doesn’t matter if we’re surfing a the highest of highs or lowest of lows, it’s still the same damn hour.

The rub is, spiritual highs/dark depressions are easy to get caught up in because they feel meaningful when in fact they are bio-chemical events that pass accordingly.

To relate this to BJJ, relax as much possible and don’t get caught up in the hype, be it emotional or cultural. And, if you do find yourself bouncing off the walls or dragging a$$, smile at yourself and either take the day off or get back to work.

Objectivity and logic are our quarry. Study and train accordingly.

Leakey Working


2 thoughts on “Mindsets: Objectivity Killers

  1. I try to be scientific, but like art, science is very difficult to achieve.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but after the monumental (severe understatement probably) theory of relativity didn’t Einstein spend the rest of his life trying to unify physics out of a belief in a higher power?

    Newton reportedly spent a lot of his genius studying alchemy as well, but the broader point is it’s SO easy to take a wrong turn even if you’re freak level smart.

    Also, something people often miss when using science and objectivity as buzzwords is you have to have an high degree of knowledge in a subject matter. I know you understand this already, but a this frequent misunderstanding is common to pretty much all domains.

    On a lighter note:

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