Training: Dude, I’m A White Belt At Reps!

It’s taken about four years AFTER a promotion to black belt to have a basic Jiu-Jitsu game I’m happy with.

The four year journey represents a discovery of thinking in terms of principles and building a game on structure and philosophy as opposed to moves.

While I’ll always be looking to improve and build on the core above, the next phase is drilling it until it’s a part of my being.

So, have started doing reps on a regular basis, and feel like a no stripe white belt! There are just so many avenues to go with this:

Conditioning Reps
Number of Reps
Alloted time Reps (see previous post)
Slow Reps
Mental Reps
Reps to a Finish
Isolated Reps (drilling small isolated details)
Meditative Reps
Experimental Reps (finding the right mechanics be feeling a position over and over)

Are these things inherently fun? No, but working on that. Number one, I’m not used to this. I suppose it’s mentally similar to the beatings we take from pretty much everyone when we’re new at sparring. I’m assuming there’s a light at the end of the tunnel but who knows. Going off of instinct at this point.


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