Training: Increasing Baseline Part Five

The following ideas have been heavily influenced by:

‘The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals’ by Chris McChesney, and ‘The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness’ by Jeff Olson and John David Mann

Before getting to meat of the post I wanted to point out that I believe happy people have fun and enjoy making a game of things, goals of which are sometimes an offshoot. To me, one of the most damaging ideas in the self-help movement is the that goals and success lead to happiness when spontaneous joy in my experience isn’t contingent upon anything.

To the main point, the idea I’m presenting function-wise is planning ahead in weekly increments, with 1-3 things in a given subject set aside for study. The weekly format is nice because it allows for flexibility, and less is more by way of quality in the 1-3 department.

Next, since we’re dealing with Jiu-Jitsu we can link things, but don’t allow that to be a way of putting more on your list. A personal sample case the past two weeks for me has been switching sides on cross-sides while staying heavy, with the other two related subjects being high leg/step over to mount and kimura. I HAVE cheated throwing in transitions to knee-ride and the choke/armlock combination from cross-sides, but it’s all fun. Again the goal is quality not being a tight ass. ;o)

Lastly, I probably won’t move on until I feel I’ve squeezed most of the details from these cross-side positions. If you’re short on experience, share your work with a more advanced practitioner as if nothing else, it will give you much better questions to ask. And who knows, you may even surprise him or her with details they weren’t aware of.


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