Domination: Cross-Side Considerations

In the spirit of the Albert Einstein idea of making things as simple as possible but not simpler, here are some adjustments that have made a difference while practicing transitions from weak to strong side cross-sides while keeping the weight on:

1) Feet– Toes rest on the mat, driving slightly

2) Legs – Wider leg base makes for easier, cleaner transistions

3) Hands – Gently cupping inside of armpit and around torso bottom, but ready to move at a moments notice.

4) Arms – Slight elow pressure into side of head, slight pulling pressure around bottom of torso. When opponent moves, increase pull slightly and back off accordingly.

5) Head – Down as low as possible which increases weight and protects from knees to the face.

6) Back – Straight back minimizes surface area of chest, creating a smaller and likewise heavier point of contact.

7) Chest – Slightly south of mid-point of sternum, so technically it’s chest to one pectoral. Not exactly sure why this geography feels stronger than direct sternum to sternum, but think it’s because the weight distribution of the top arm and head covers the other pectoral.


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