Study: Facing Delusion

Would say roughly 25% of my ideas translate into some degree of delusion.

Likewise, have spent the past three training sessions fixing a gaping hole (ways of applying Boosh Principle below).

Don’t know what I’m really trying to say other than sometimes I suck and
try to embrace it along with everything else. Yeah there a bunch of positive spins and affirmations, but think often that stuff gets in the way of real progress.


2 thoughts on “Study: Facing Delusion

  1. What you’re describing is a natural part of the creative process. A lot of ideas (and stories, paintings, novels, songs, etc.) turn out to be delusional, or silly, or just no good – but the artist tries not to get too attached to any particular outcome. Instead, he moves on to the next experiment.

    Failure is part of the artist’s experience. Ultimately, it’s the experience of being in the creative process that counts, not what you produce. Maybe that’s just a positive spin…but maybe not 🙂

    75% return is pretty amazing for creative work, actually. I’m jealous 🙂

  2. Matt,

    75% is probably a bit generous, who knows. lol

    Experience probably helps a bit too. I may write more on this topic as sometimes ideas need to be fine tuned only a little while others scrapped completely.

    I also think I’ve created little if anything that is wholly original.

    My spin on the creative process is some one who stays in that pocket is more likely to have prolific output than some interested only in the bottom line, but I think you have to be well-versed and respectful of both mindsets.

    Personally, I’m back in the world of the practical now, but it’s a cycle as you mentioned. =)

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