Training: Reps, Dead Reps & Muscle Memory

Watched the following video, and it sounded to me like Mr. Dale is sometimes doing semi-dead reps on training partners who don’t have skill-sets to defend yet:

If I’m working with some one where there is this much of a knowledge gap, I’d feel like I was beating them up if I wasn’t correcting the hole that allowed me to do something repeatedly 3-5 times.

The larger point is you have get muscle memory training in somehow. 😉

A second point is, situational training is still a form of repetition, the key is using common sense.  For instance, people who don’t know anything about BJJ understand you can’t play anyone decent by doing the same move over and over in exactly the same way.  That’s why we have playbooks that evolve.

In closing, it’s not a case of either/or, it’s about being smart and making things as mutually beneficial as you can for long-term growth.



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