Defense: Turning Crap Positions Into Fertilizer

My theory behind why crap positions are internalized as such is we build games around avoiding them at all costs, and in the event we do find ourselves there we’re not only stumped because we haven’t invested the hours there, we’re frickin tired.

Too add to the problem, instead of addressing it directly, we look instead to make our guard harder to pass because let’s face it, a wicked bottom game is zero function and no sexy.

Probably on a high horse right now, but I think defense is probably more central to great BJJ than Guard. Doubtful? Follow the logic:

A) Great defense makes your Guard more relaxed and sensitive as you’re arguably happier on bottom.

B) Good defense translates to better dominance and control because it requires a deep knowledge of a top person’s objectives and possible routes. And, while I admit my control is decent enough to be considered passable black belt, it was developed through feel instead of foundation. A good reminder that just because something works doesn’t mean we really know it.

C) BJJ is rooted in survival, and Ryron Gracie recently brought up the point that the worst submission to get caught in is cardio tapping, because it’s essentially something you do to yourself by using strength and cardio to compensate for lack of knowledge. Good defense is not only about escaping, but finding the most energy efficient escape in a given scenario.

D) You become sexy by doing things no one else is doing. Consider cross-sides bottom the BJJ equivalent of the Grunge movement waiting to happen and rock the structural equivalent of hand-me-downs with pride.


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