Defense: Cross-Sides Situations & Reversals Notes 10/30/14

Worked some situations this morning from an outside modified overhook position Ryron Gracie is using in video below. For our purposes we were sucking down our arm as far as possible to maximize it’s framing capability, as well as sucking our head in to add power to frame and prevent the blade of the opponents forearm coming over neck for a choke (our other arm was under the blade of the neck, not overhooking the neck as seen here):

First, we worked this Harpoon Sweep with the situation being the top player walking toward North-South instead of us walking in that direction as Pedro Sauer demonstrates here:

Second, if top player turned head away to alleviate pressure of the bottom players forearm frame, it set up this version (:58-1:16) of the harpoon sweep (we used a stiff arm with palm against the carotid to add pressure):

If friend on top posted to stop THAT sweep, we found they were down so low that it was easy to adjust our body and get a stiff arm on the hip demonstrated here @ 2:26-2:33 for an easy guard recovery:

I saw Brad Jackson recently posted a follow up reversal from nearside stiff-arm against the hip position above that looked like one of those pipe dreams you see, and write off as I once wrote off many the above reversals:

But then you see his teacher Ralph Gracie hit the same position in an MMA match (4:13-4:18) and it opens your eyes:

Lots to practice here, just keep in mind it’s the initial arm position and specific situation that make all these positions work. Ideally, you have the posture and the top player puts themselves in the position, but you can force situations as demonstrated too. My advice is to wait a bit to see what they do, that way it’s more like Kung-Fu where you’re using their energy against them should the get impatient.


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