Mindsets: Feeding The Senses

Midway through my rolls today I started watching my training partner.

Too often instead I try to cram a pass or position down some one’s throat, or when  get tired (likely from forcing said positions *ha, ha*), I revert to doing things solely based on feel.

Let me be clear that while I DO believe Jiu-Jitsu is primarily based on feel, visual assessment should feed kinesthetic feedback and vice versa.

The Art of Jiu-Jitsu if a may be so bold, is prioritizing this sensory input over whatever positional and mechanical knowledge we bring to a session.  That is, we may or may not have a ‘move’ to tackle a situation, but it doesn’t necessarily matter because we’re taking what’s there.

The preceding approach won’t always lead to the most refined movement, but it’s more about developing good instincts through a functional mindset:

Practice and drill positions when drilling, but grapple what’s in front of you.

Out of curiosity, if you guys and gals want to be generous with your time, spend your next sparring session prioritizing being present through watching and feeling instead of moving forward, and post your observations.  Going to do this myself tomorrow.  Good fun. =)


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