Defense: When Not To Stall, Active Defense, & Smart Rest

A fundamental mistake I made yesterday was hanging and defending in turtle bottom.

Why was this a mistake?:

Well if you have a defensive shell mentality in guard, turtle, or cross-sides bottom for example, what you’re essentially doing is giving the top player time to rest, relax, and figure you out.

Don’t get me wrong, resting is essential, so when can you rest?:

When gotten your grips and in position to take advantage of momentum, or when able to escape straight away in space you do it and look for recovery opportunity in the next position.

So, A) Wrestle for and get grips, B) Escape when there is space and get grips in next positon.

Visually, differences can be subtle between stalling and active defense because a person flat or in a ball looks the same as some one set up for an escape or reversal while flat or in a ball

Also, the fight is energy efficient as I’m either moving in space, or fighting for grips with compact movement instead of trying to explode without rhyme or reason.

This both mentally and physically fatiguing to the top player, as even if they do have their weight on you or hip control, they can’t go to sleep.

One thought on “Defense: When Not To Stall, Active Defense, & Smart Rest

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