Principles: Motion

Noticed grappling my coach last night that he wasn’t putting any weight on me from Cross-Sides Top, which nullified moving him with bridges.  And, provided he didn’t have my arms, when I shrimped and/or went belly down, he was laying in wait with attacks from that next position.

This experience made me see how one and two dimensional my BJJ is, as theoretically I should be able to keep moving in space once it’s there, it’s just a matter of staying in motion via correct movement.  Two examples that come to mind I saw early in training (VHS days!) were Chris Haueter’s Guard Recovery against Cleber Luciano @ 6:10-6:35:

and Rickson Gracie vs. Rigan Machado:

…and lastly…

…Chris Haueter talking about functional aspects of perpetual motion @ 0:26-3:13:

Going to play around and study different types of motion and how they connect and will post more on this topic on the coming days.

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