Guard: Standing Up & Pulling Guard

Studying previously mentioned Chris Haueter’s Instructional series yesterday, one thing he’s great at is adding the extra pressure of sitting up out of guard either to a standing, takedown, or whizzer position among other things which forces top player to try and hold you if intent of keeping you flat-backed and/or passing Guard:

This pressure/idea is something sorely missing from my game.  To make it effective I think you need some type of takedown pressure, as just standing up/out without attacking is equivalent to pressing ‘reset’ on the Nintendo.

Another great point Haueter mentions that’s been lost from the modern game of double guard pulls, is a guard pull to offense or tight control needs to happen when your training partner least expects it.  In other words, you need to set it up just like all your takedowns, otherwise you’re more or less pulling the top player into Guard Pass or Leg Lock.

The preceding idea applies to Guard Passing as well by considering what Pass(es) are immediately there if a person falls to their back or butt with little or no contact points because they are essentially grounding themselves to into the mat for a moment in time via energy.


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