Study: Gathering & Consolidating Information

Something that got me into trouble back in the day was looking for one size fits all solutions as they don’t exist. So much for shortcuts. =(

Simply put, you have to acknowledge one grip or inch of space can change everything and then do the work deep understanding requires.

In applying this mentality, currently gathering all the information I can over YouTube on Quarter Guard/Knee Cut Pass counters.

Next, I look for Commonalities and Principles:

What do solutions have in common and how are they different? Why is one solution ‘better’ than another?

Other things to consider:

Self-Defense/Street viability, No-Gi applicability, and ‘fit’ with the rest of my game.

Lastly, since we’re talking Guard I generally want both a sweep and recovery option for every scenario, with those things usually being married via sweep attempt setting up the recovery and/or attempted block of recovery setting up the sweep. It’s all one baby. ;o)


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