Training: Intelligent Time Away From BJJ

I have several interests of which I could easily spend time on just one.

As such, going to allow myself the freedom this year to take as little or as much time off depending on what’s calling, which runs slightly contrary to the western idea of goals with a specific plan and end in mind.

Still, realistically, if we’re going to be lifetime BJJ practitioners, which I guess you could say is ‘the goal’ for me, you can’t let everything slide especially as we approach middle age.

With these things mind here are general guidelines for extended layoffs:

1) The heart of BJJ is relaxing, so spend conscious time doing things to chill out that DON’T include drugs and alcohol. I’m talking walks in nature, meditation, reading, that sort of thing.

2) Eat healthy & get plenty of rest. Again, the more relaxed you are the easier this is.

3) Physically, I would prioritize cardio, however strength training is important too, especially as our bodies enter their natural stage of decline in our late thirties. Everyday kettlebell work meets both these needs effectively, but workouts need to be individual too, otherwise we’ll quit no matter how good things are on paper.

Personally, I enjoy trail running, mountain biking, and have been doing the bodyweight strength training progression from the book ‘Convict Conditioning’ for the past year. I dance as well, and think of it like Yoga, which seems awesome too based on my limited experience.

So yeah, that’s my take on general health. Probably the only difference to most of the common wisdom out there is the emphasis on relaxing and individuality and letting things flow from that, otherwise we’ll end up tight and out of touch!



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