Principles: Domination Through Constriction

In reference to previous post an ‘insight’ I had while investigating weight distribution ideas from mount is structurally dominant positions should by design restrict the opponents breathing. Such design helps kill an opponent’s cardio, and affects cognitive functioning because when breathing is restricted that’s where our awareness goes.

This caused a re-evaluation of my Jiu-Jitsu to perhaps change positions to make them heavier at the point of breath intake or arterial collapse.

For application purposes, parking our weight on the soft part of the stomach below the sternum and in between floating part of the rib-cage stifles the majority of lung intake by preventing full expansion of diaphragm:

Belly constriction from Side-Control @ 3:13-3:53:

Belly/Chest constriction from same position to submission @ 1:04:59-1:05:20:

Belly constriction from Half-Guard Arm Trap Position @ 4:59-5:04:

More applications of Constriction principle to come…


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