Escapes (Cross-Sides): Jail Breaks

To complete the escape trilogy (previously: no attachment/bodyweight, one-arm) we’ve got ourselves in a position where TWO ARMS are in play.

Two arms are no problem IF we have the knowledge and training to deal the situation, but one thing we have to accept is the top player is in MORE of a position to direct the action than the previous two scenarios. So, what does this require? More technical, subtle Jiu-Jitsu.

Things to be aware of:

Where is the top players weight? Are the driving into you, or sprawled on the mat? Also, if the person is good, expect them to shift their weight once or twice to counter initial escape attempt.

Next, and based on the above you have to address if you want to break their grip or accept and move around it.

Moving around harness from Cross-Sides bottom:

Moving into harness when weight directly is over top of you, chest to chest @ 3:14-4:30:

Other options include rolling opponent or getting our forearm inside neck to break harness.

The main point is we have to be a lot more sensitive to the top player and adjust accordingly with a number of options based on their energy.

I’ve seen some coaches teach NEVER getting into structurally disadvantaged positions like this without articulating the ‘why?’ The problem with this is BJJ as I see it starts with worst case scenarios, so solutions here are perhaps just, if not more relevant than the size fits all solutions available when the top player has less control.

Likewise, if you’re wrestling people who are good, this situations WILL eventually happen. The key is knowing where you’re at and having options based on research and training.


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