Study: Open Mind Principle

Been working on re-organizing and building a better day to day foundation since mid-January and something I realized is quite often I try too hard. lol

The Open Mind principle is more of really who we are at our core than a principle per say, but the idea here is there’s always something better out there for us to the degree we let go and open our mind.

This means giving up efforts to control a process that’s fluid in nature out through the understanding there’s more out there for us than what we think we want, as thought is hollow and transient.

Call this the Artists Mind that sees inspiration everywhere.

In applying this to Jiu-Jitsu, we’d relax and surrender to the roll, letting touch guide us instead of fighting for pre-determined positions.

Another way of saying all of this is it’s not what you do in a learning oriented context that’s important, but the state of mind you do it in.  Situations requiring urgent action are the obvious exception, but the clearer the mind there the more effective we’re going to be as well.



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