Training: Making Reps Easy

The bottom line is, if you want to understand every nuance of a position and have it down to the point where it’s automatic and effortless, you have to put the reps in.

Cooperative reps with training partners or solo reps can shortcut this process which naturally takes a lot longer through sparring because of its uncooperative nature.

Yes, we can use some one a lot less skilled than us as a human heavy bag, but why not just explain what you’re trying to accomplish and have them drill with you instead of beating them down? A little thought and kindness goes a long way…

Also, it’s probably wiser for the older practitioner to do more of this style of drilling as it’s easier on the body and recovery at a premium.

To the main point, reps are much easier if you understand you’re trying to build a super power via bio-mechanics and reaction time, and things are going to be clunky at first. The essential thing as in all things is understanding context and the big picture.

The problem people run into is they expect the rep equivalent of a fast five miles the first time they try jogging! Dude, it’s going to take awhile for things to pay off, so start small. Go slow, take your time and enjoy yourself while working up to ONE mile. There’s no rush and no finish line because you’ve decided make drilling a part of your life…


…turn up the music, cruise, and drill…


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