Training: Coloring Intent

If there’s something I struggle with from time to time, it’s getting started. Once started I’m stoked but inertia isn’t always effortless.

Upon diagnosis, I realized a large part of this comes from taking my eyes off the Super Power I’m intending to build and onto the work involved in getting there. See what I did there? Notice how those two things feel distinctly different?

So, the general idea is really freeing up the imagination and using it to create energy and direction through inspiration. If we’re working on building a better Closed Guard for example, how would our favorite super hero, alien species, Stephen Hawking, or future self play it? These are of course unique to me, but you get the gist…=)

In summary, the above is about using our right brain in a way where ideas and action are one, and we’re off and running before we know it. It’s not rocket science, it’s how we navigated life as children.


PS I’ve heard Chris Haueter talk about being a super hero and grappling like a monkey who thinks he’s an anaconda, so he gets credit for a chunk of these ideas.


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