Training: The Game Of Reps

Out of the excitement that got us into Jiu-Jitsu in the first place, we want to learn EVERYTHING.

Along these lines, the right of passage for noob mind is marrying single positions over long periods of time over passing the possibility of conquering the swedish volleyball team as you’re mature enough to understand one will provide depth here and now, while the other is of a delusional beer commercial variety.

So, what we’re playing in the ‘Game’ of reps, and I think even noobs can be taught the value of this idea in theory and practice from day one, is seeing how long we can stick to one thing in both individual practice sessions and over long periods of time.

Think of this as a challenge that builds both positional and concentration muscle. As in all games, the key is having fun. Some days our focus is going to be better than others, but if we’re playing it’s all the same thang baby, so enjoy yourself…



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