Training Log 2/28/15: Solo Drilling Notes

Going to try and work up to an hour of solo drilling in once a week.

Things to keep in mind:

Continuing evaluation what’s most effective for solo drilling and what isn’t.

Start small, and if you lose focus, pack it in.  This will take awhile to get used to both in the fine points of what you’re drilling as well as physical and mental endurance.  Too much too soon is like trying to meditate for an hour the first time trying it out, total overkill missing the point.

Thoughts on Solo Drilling for Jiu-Jitsu Public:

As with anything, you have to understand what solo drilling will provide and what it won’t.  If you’re delusional enough to think you can sweep Andre Galvao up and down the mat by looping a belt around your feet to simulate spider guard tension you’ve got common sense issues no amount of training will fix…

Solo drilling is, but not limited to supplemental training to help keep our muscles and mind awake to material we’re familiar with, as well is assist in building foundations for new things we want to learn.

Above all, it’s a format, with built-in limitations…

Solo drilling can be great alternative because all you need is yourself and padded surface.  It’s time efficient, and awesome for rehabilitation phases.  The biggest advantage is you have total control.

Where are the weak/strong points?  Well there’s no psychological or physical pressure, nor will solo-drilling expose your weaknesses.  It won’t give you the feel of different bodies types, or different strengths and endurances.  You can train timing a little bit with good imagination, but it’s no substitute for a breathing body.  The beauty of live formats is every roll is unique and people adapt, often within a session.

I don’t think any of this is rocket science, but there you go. =)


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