Strategy: Power Of The Unfamiliar

One of the lessons learned from the Eddie Bravo/Royler Gracie Metamoris match is it’s difficult to defend against approaches you don’t feel and see on a regular basis! The liberating thing in this instance is this concept still applies to practitioners with extreme grounding in the fundamentals.


Continue studying the fundamentals, but strive to feel everything you can, giving that priority over personal preference. Tactile feeling rules.

Leave room in your game (and mind!) for learning unorthodox positions and strategies.

Don’t be quick to discard a position or tactic based a small number of encounters, as it may be a case of an individual or group of people who aren’t very skilled in a respective area yet.

Make an effort to ensure you Jiu-Jitsu experience is broad by studying people from outside your academy, training at other gyms, or competing. Part of the ‘art’ in martial arts is relishing all things new, novel, and unfamiliar. Put some wonder in it!

Lastly, remember rules can be BROKEN to the degree we’ve put the time to understand why the rules are there. Following this logic, using ‘rules’ as excuses to stop thinking is just as shallow as breaking rules without investing in the fundamentals of a particular domain.


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