Training: Exploring Solo Drilling As A Tool

At a stage where fascinated by the idea of hard-wiring in movement to the point of effortlessness via muscle memory while simultaneously time crunched from pursuing other interests outside Jiu-Jitsu, so solo-drilling seems like a natural progression.

Autobiographically, movement is a secondary stage for me, as blogging helped develop thinking.

An example of movement drilling @ 15:00-15:24 compliments of Xande Ribeiro:

My first thought on solo-drilling for movement, and Xande mentions it in the video, is being as loose as possible. All too often we want to get all the details right away, but this comes over time to the degree we prioritize relaxation and fluidity first.

The above modality facilitates a grounding in bio-mechanic receptivity, plus it’s way more fun just to loosen up and move.

Also, as we go, we’ll probably find we need to break positions into smaller and smaller increments, so be patient here. ‘Back-tracking’ as it were, promotes deeper understanding and positioning.

In summary, play around, be loose, patient, go small, and have fun (you know I had to post a video of Rocky learning how to move!!):


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