Training: Detail, Form, and Full Rep Phases

‘Never mistake activity for achievement.’ ~John Wooden

A nice thing about figuring ways to train solo is since we aren’t dealing with the pressure of another’s time, we can really take the time to go slow and explore all the tiny nuances of form.

Since I got a jump on pretty much everyone here in Oregon experience wise, I could usually get away with being lazy about such things without need for drilling because I was validated competitively. The mindset back then was pretty much try to get it ‘grapple ready’ as soon as possible so we can get our wrestling in today.

The opposite of this is trying to get all the details and thought processes of a position in advance (realistically we won’t get them all, that’s what drilling and sparring are for), and slowly stringing them together slowly over time, until they’re silky smooth.

For me, a new thing is figuring out where I am in this process, because our first time stringing 5-6 things together and studying the logic of a progression is tedious work that often feels like you haven’t done anything. You haven’t done any work that requires cardio, and there’s no guarantee you’ll even have a bare bones intellectual understanding of the position within a training session. I liken this ‘detail’ phase to Jazz:

Next, the position starts coming together smoothly, but isn’t ready for cardio reps. We’re still likely figuring out the logic behind the position, and some parts of the progression are clunkier than others. If we start pushing for and expecting full speed reps we’ll hinder our progress. Call this a ‘form’ phase where we’re making a tempo and rhythm jump from Jazz to R&B:

Once we’re smooth wit’ it, we’re ready for a full speed reps, where speed comes with time to the degree we’re smooth. Also, we’ll get cardio in not from going hard, but from the amount of reps we do. This is the final ‘full rep’ phase, and it’s straight up Hip-Hop with finesse:

The key to all the above knowing what phase I’m and adjusting the mentality accordingly. If thinking Hip-Hop when a position needs Jazz or R&B we’re sowing seeds of disappointment and delusion by acting further along than we actually are.

Progressions if given proper time should be comfortable without much noise upstairs.

PS Can you tell I grew up in the 1990s!?


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