Health & Wellness: Stretching & Warm-Up Reps

Yo Adrian, happy to announce a new category: Health & Wellness. =)

The over-arching idea here is Jiu-Jitsu should have the ability to increase and/or maintain our levels of health and wellness over time if we think of it in this light.

To the post, a sweet idea from watching Dave Schultz’s characters in the movie ‘Foxcatcher’ was doing grappling oriented reps to stretch and and warm eachother up. You get a good stretch and rep in at the same time. Sick!


Although a warm-up session, consider these closer to live reps than the warm-up reps in the movie, so watch the movie! Included it because it’s training footage of arguably the two greatest wrestlers the United States has ever produced (John Smith & Dave Schultz):


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