Training: Testing Mental Reps

With the exception of a highly intentional mental rep versus a half-hearted physical rep, I don’t believe visualization or watching film makes up for physical work, because when working physically we’re working mind AND body…

Another analogy is we’re going to pick up things in drilling that we’d miss just studying film, in the same way that sparring makes of aware of things that wouldn’t arise if we limited ourselves solely to drilling and instructional/competition footage.

This being said, to test the utility of mental reps, plan a session where you watch film of something you are going to physically drill as much as possible, versus the standard 2-4 times where people ‘think’ they have something good enough to ‘try it.’ Next, notice the difference this makes, if any when you go to drill.

Also, if you don’t have access to watching what you want to drill, try to visualize it, or visualize to get even more mental reps in than just watching film:



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