Cross-Sides Bottom Defense: Thinking ‘Combinations’ By Default

‘Too simple’ is looking for one-size fits all solutions. Best case scenario is a high-percentage move the smart people in the academy will eventually figure out and take advantage of!

Am guilty of the above as anyone, which is the reason I’m consciously now starting with at least two options in mind, and how they work in concert with one another. Otherwise, it’s like trying to learn boxing by figuring out how overcome an opponent with only a jab. This is a great way of training a jab, but the more technical the boxers you face, the more you’re going to need a cross, hook, and uppercut to penetrate defenses.

all american

Additionally, as in the isolating the jab analogy, we’re still going to have to dive deep into the mechanics of individual solutions, but the difference is it’s within a context of at least one other position, as well as Jiu-Jitsu as a whole.

Possibly the best Cross-Sides escape combination I’ve seen executed in high level BJJ competition by Roger Gracie against Fernando ‘Margarida’ Pontes at the Mundials in 2007 @ 7:33-7:38. Up to this point I’d never seen some one effectively stifle Margarida from mounting any offense from position of advantage, let alone escape. A simple approach to leg weave countering is also of note at 7:22:


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