Training: Cataloging Counters For Drilling Feeds

Been spending a fair bit of time coming up and cataloging counters to the following Cross-Side positions so I can give intelligent feeds to my training partner, otherwise we’re just moving for the sake of moving (not a bad thing for warming up, but not much depth to this):

Going a step further, possibly the main reason we spar is not to tap anyone out or impose our will, but to catalog all the different ways people respond to a specific position like a biologist might categorize plant species. The goal is to be relaxed and detached from outcome enough to be studious and observant.

In summary, ‘cataloging’ comprises the creative seeds we build our Jiu-Jitsu on, giving literal life to drilling. Otherwise, as before, we’re just kind of moving about without rhyme or reason.

Credits: Xande Ribeiro


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