Mount Top Domination: Murilo Bustamante On Control

Murilo Bustamante was a legend even before I knew who he was, first watching him compete under the anonymous title of ‘Jiu-Jitsu Representive’ against a Lutra Livre fighter in the ‘Gracie In Action’ VHS tapes back in the day:


To my delight, found some footage of him teaching domination and submission technique and strategy from Mount Top yesterday compliments of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine:

Have never seen the leg hook make the legs face away to facilitate achieving Mount @ 1:14-1:32 above.

As far as the hooks, usually cross my feet and go to a cross-face which I’m sure takes some pressure off the stomach, so going to play with head control @ 2:11-2:28.

Lastly, I do use the foot on bottom leg like Bustamante does @ 2:49-3:03, but have never heard the spoon metaphor before.  Very cool.  Watch Roger Gracie employ this counter and control strategy in his fight against a historically game Yuki Kondo @ 3:44 below:


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