Cross-Sides Domination: Understanding The Rules

Had a sort of ‘duh’ moment recently training Cross-Sides top with a friend:

We’d been working a modified cross-face taught below @ 3:30 and 5:32-5:40 respectively, and moving from there to blade of forearm across bottom players neck to distract to get Knee-Ride:

Something about moving from the cross-face grip to blade of fore-arm across neck felt ‘off,’ and realized that getting underneath the head is pretty much checkmate in terms of domination, as you can both pull up at the back of the head and turn their face away for control while simultaneously threatening with several chokes:

Lesson: Study what you have in dominant scenarios, making sure you have good reason for giving up positions. We CAN break the rules in art provided you take the time to understand why they are there.


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