Cross-Sides Bottom Defense: Outside Underhook Notes 6/1/15

Have neglected wholesale postures from Cross-Sides bottom that utilized outside underhooks partially because I thought it left people open to kimuras, which Sean Patrick Flanery addresses here @ 0:52-2:06:

My friend Chad Lyman discussing whizzer counters associated with outside underhook escapes and a solution from a pre-emptive edge blocking cross-face:

Dan Faggella’s outside underhook escape from cross-face control, which includes a modified shrimp. Notice underhook isn’t static, which is where the whizzer problems begin as discussed above by Lyman. Dan is already engaging his arm as his elbow comes out to aid in getting an angle. Lots to study here with a bonus Rear Mount progression:

Something really subtle Faggella also does, that Chad Lyman gives an entire lesson on is inverting his knuckles downward to aid in preventing whizzers starting @ 2:08:

Something I would humbly add to the preceding lesson is flaring the arm up more for greater momentum in cutting an angle downward to avoid headlocks. The reason why shooting the arm up in this particular instance is okay is because it’s a ‘swimming underhook’ where we’re already cutting an angle AS the arm is coming out.

More in depth video of Fagella’s modified ‘cutting’ shrimp motion. The difference is getting our bottom hip in closer in line with the top hip instead a regular shrimp that leaves the bottom hip more at an angle, as goal is being in tight enough to swim underhook out from under the armpit:

Lots of details here. Probably my favorite thing is the modified shrimp that sets up outside underhook from forearm against neck posture.

More to come…


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