Domination: The Ultimate Submission

‘Fatigue makes cowards of us all.’ ~Vince Lombardi

Heard Ryron Gracie once say that the worst way you can tap is cardio tapping.  That is, we’re too tired to expend the necessary energy to survive.

Inverting the preceding idea , the best submission we can get is the cardio tap, especially when our domination technique is refined to the point of absorbing and nullifying our opponents attempts to create space and move through a combination of relaxation and precise bio-mechanics that steal energy over time.

Henry Akins demonstrating above approach from Mount and Half Guard Top respectively:

In practical terms, think of a cardio tap as a choke that may take 10-15 minutes to take affect, but with longer residual effects than putting some one to sleep with an actual choke.  Along such lines, some people may still have some fight in them even after suffering joint trauma or passing out.  By contrast, you can’t physically drive a car that’s overheated.

To conclude, the intent isn’t to provide an either/or proposition, but offer an alternative to the popular ‘finish vs. points’ debate that in my opinion somewhat misses the point of Jiu-Jitsu as a whole.


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