Health & Wellness: Training For Movement

Technical, relaxed, energy efficient Jiu-Jitsu is mechanically rooted in loose, mobile hips. This pliability in turn, helps keep our bodies sensitive and agile. Tremendous health benefits here!

So these days (when mindful at least!) I primarily train and drill for watery hips, trusting that the sparring will take care of itself, and, even if it doesn’t will still reap the daily benefits of having a light center.

Overall, the mentality is training for Jiu-Jitsu, not submissions or points.

Some footage of Rickson that blew me away as I white belt, but took for granted at more advanced blue and purple belt levels when I began dominating white belts with superior knowledge. Was in my twenties at the time, and I think gradually we come full circle to appreciate how dangerous a white belt can be in causing us injury from combinations of stiffness, unpredictability, and athleticism.

So, marveling once again at how loose Rickson is against the tightest, stiff, most unpredictable sparring partner there is: The White Belt!

For sake of specific study, watch da hips:


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