Training: Solo-Drilling Part 1

Working on solo-drilling, starting with familiar scenarios from Cross-Sides bottom.

On the journey so far, solo-drilling seems to require a completely different mental skill-set than sparring, as it’s essentially imagination and a mat. Still, it’s an awesome supplementary tool to develop as we’re always available. ;o)

Was able to zone in last night on keeping my feet close to power source (hips), as well as staying on the balls of my feet during bridging and shrimping.  Was able to feel how the feet (on balls) were able to generate power from the ground through the hips, as well as lessening the drag of core by bridging up on each shoulder or shoulder walking.

While the above movements are very basic, the idea that Jiu-Jitsu is just as much about our relationship to the ground as it is to our opponent if often forgotten.

Last but not least, music is a must!:

Cursory Notes:  Discovered I could shoulder walk towards my feet to bring heels further into my butt.  Had seen this before, but didn’t deduce how the mechanic was accomplished from angle it was viewed.

Secondary Cursory Notes:  Of course you have to test things out with a training partner, but leverage has a certain feel and aesthetic to it where you feel the power.  A big part of Jiu-Jitsu in my opinion is nurturing this intelligence, often dimished by our efforts to model practitioners we deem superior in knowledge.  Remember, bio-feedback is ultimate coach!


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