Training: The Excellence Mindset

I advocate an ‘Excellence Mindset’ no matter how much time a person has to devote to a field because of the direction it gives the subconscious mind:

The truth is, we can get a ton done five minutes a day if we are consistent and go slow enough to learn things right the first time.

Say for instance we wanted to learn ‘Ginastica Natural’ to improve our strength, mobility, and flexibility for Jiu-Jitsu, as well as improve our capacity for productive solo training…

…if we spent 5-10 minutes a day learning ONE of movement over the period of a week, we’d have 52 different movements and possible combinations at the end of a year.

The cool thing is, we can usually tackle a project like this on top of regular gym training, it’s just a matter of priorities and taking the time to invest in ourselves.

To close, don’t focus on time small or large (it’s comparative, and therefore not individual and real), focus on the quality you give to consistent units of time:  This is the ‘Excellence Mindset.’


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