Training: Easing Into Solo Morning Workouts

While having done some morning pre-work solo training, it’s something I haven’t been able to do consistently unless it involved meeting a training partner at the gym.  Know this isn’t easy for others either, because have never had my beloved morning partners stay consistent. lol

This is a bit of a shame because if there’s a logical place in a day to steal 10-15 minutes for ourselves irregardless of externals it’s the A.M.

Continuing on, having some friends tell me this past Sunday tell they’ve worked out early virtually every day pre-work over the past several years, was naturally curious about their process.

The key that I was missing, was they get up and have coffee and chill 15-30 minutes before working out.  Unbeknownst to me, this quiet time was naturally built in by grabbing coffee and listening to music on a relatively deserted stretch of highway on my way downtown to meet training partners in mornings past.

And, while not everyone is going to need as long of respites if any at all, my problem with solo morning work was thinking I had to jump into something fairly quickly after getting out of bed, which can be jarring both physically and psychologically as we move from a sedentary unconscious world to consciousness and movement.

So, the general idea is taking a few minutes to enjoy and soak in the priceless blessing of new day before celebrating it with movement.  Make some coffee, tea, or a nutritional drink and take a few minutes to meditate or watch or listen to something fun and/or inspirational:

Another sweet side benefit to morning workouts is their simple pleasure encourages good evening decisions =):

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