Cross-Sides Bottom Defense: Scramble Positions Aren’t Escapes

Tried a couple of Cross-Side escape ideas yesterday that were junked as they allowed a lot of scrambling room. Such criteria is important because otherwise it’s a race to the next position, which isn’t much of an escape!

The most common example of the above scenario are ‘escapes’ to Quarter/Turtle position where yeah we aren’t directly carrying as much of the top players weight, but in some ways it’s MORE difficult to grip fight and control top players movement.

Going back to Cross-Sides bottom, yeah we’re not going to be able to completely control the top player from here, but we want to restrict them as much as possible before, during, and after the escape. In other words they shouldn’t be able to disengage and run free easily.

An analogy for the above, is Cross-Sides Bottom being like a Guard albeit with limited comparative options. Still, creatively, we want it’s impact to feel like a Guard where we’re simultaneously surviving, recovering, controlling distance, and even reversing and submitting if top player gets overzealous or careless.

We have all four limbs in both cases, they’re just used differently relative to geography.


One thought on “Cross-Sides Bottom Defense: Scramble Positions Aren’t Escapes

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