Training: The Art Of Opening

Probably the most detrimental thing to Jiu-Jitsu growth are wrong mindsets:

Noticed sparring yesterday, not wanting to go for an armlock because I was tired and didn’t want to give up a position I could hold and rest in.

While it’s cool to take a few minutes to catch our breath, from a learning perspective I wasn’t achieving anything by continuing to dominate a position where the knowledge gap was sufficient enough to chill.  At this point was killing the ‘roll’ for both me AND my training partner.

Contrary to the above is keeping a roll alive through fluidity and movement.  From this standpoint there are no ‘misses’ because the goal is creating more and more learning opportunities every single roll.

Secondly, ‘opening’ as it were, creates a much more fluid, watery game while ego driven activity usually results in one-dimensional stiffness and forced speed over time.

Lastly, all the above is much easier said than done when our opponent is trying really hard, but if we can’t keep our cool in the face of tension it doesn’t matter how tricked out our skill-set is because we’re using our tools in the wrong way.

Feeling like a happy beginner today. =)  This is the art of opening.



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